Thompson contributes 8 Rugby World Cups

Rock's Thompson Luke [38 = Kintetsu], who has contributed to the top eight Japanese nationals at the 19th Rugby World Cup in Japan, will enter his final game on the 19th. On the 17th, members of the Top Challenge League [Top League 2nd Division] Final Settlement Kurita Industrial Game [Tokyo, Chichibunomiya Rugby Field on the 19th] were announced and were named as Kintetsu starters.

After the Kamaishi match in the previous section, the final match was enthusiastic, "I'm lonely but I'm looking forward to it." Currently, the team runs first with 29 points in all six races, five points behind Toyota Industries. Even if you lose, if you earn bonus points, you will win on your own.

Thompson, who played in four consecutive World Cup tournaments, came to Japan in 2004. The last game of the meritorious people who control the Osaka dialect and are loved by many fans is approaching.

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