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Thoroughly cover pores! "Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C / Pore Cover C" for flattening pores to smooth skin

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The pores are conspicuous, and the foundation will fall off with time …."Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C / Pore Cover C". It has been 15 years since it was launched, and a very popular long-selling product has been renewed!に し て By flattening the pits of the pores, it keeps the skin smooth and does not fall off even if time passes. I am glad that it is a gentle formula that can be used even for sensitive skin. I actually tried how much coverage of pores and color unevenness!

Renewal of Point Magic PRO that realizes pore-free and soft flat skin

Black dragon temple(Minato-ku, Tokyo) The base makeup series "Point Magic PRO" that makes pores invisible has been renewed! Long-selling products will be upgraded further.

Above all, it is said that the prescription was renewed significantly, with foundational coverage"Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C" (2 colors, suggested retail price 1,400 yen excl. Tax, on March 2, 2020). The newly developed powder has a two-layer formula with a layer that has a soft airy feel and a layer that flattens the pores. It provides both a light feel, coverage and sustainability. It is said that skin without pores lasts for a long time.

In addition, the feeling of moisture up is also a point of upgrading. Contains phytosteryl isostearate, a moisturizing ingredient that melts at body temperature when placed on the skin and creates a moisture barrier.
That keeps moisture in between the moisture. Those with high covering power tend to have rough skin, but they are also 90% natural ingredients, and are also paraben-free and alcohol-free. SPF50 + PA ++++ has enough UV cut effect. It prevents ultraviolet rays firmly.

Available in two colors, 01 Light Ocher and 02 Natural Ocher. You can choose according to your skin color and the impression you want to be.

"Point Magic PRO Pore Cover C" (all 1 type, 15g, suggested retail price 1,400 yen excluding tax, released March 2, 2020)Is a makeup base for pores that fills pits in pores and keeps smooth skin for a long time. Over time, it prevents the base makeup from falling into the pores and makes it more noticeable, and improves skin tone. I am glad that the waterproof and sebum proof W effect prevents shine. SPF23 PA +++, for sensitive skin.

Really a foundation class? Check coverage of pores and uneven color

Try "Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C" right away!

The original compact container is mini-sized and easy to carry, making it perfect for re-makeup.

In addition, this time, I also used the base of the same series, "Point Magic PRO Pore Cover C".

Although it is a hard cream texture, it spreads as it spreads over the skin and becomes smooth.

If the pores are particularly worrisome, apply them by rolling them up while raising the pores.

Melts into skin and covers pores firmly. It is convinced that the skin surface is flat and prevents pores from falling off. Furthermore, the skin tone was improved naturally.

Next, put on "Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C".

Powder is soft and airy texture!

Once the puff has been powdered, apply it lightly to the skin. The puff is soft and fluffy. Feel comfortable with silk touch. The powder is very light.

It is said that it can be more effectively covered by sliding the puff from the bottom to the top where the pores are concerned, and when I practiced around the triangular zone of the cheek, it was evenly and evenly arranged I felt like Finally, gently hand press with the palm of your hand to increase the gloss and adhesion!

Finished to a natural matte semi-matte skin without a thick coating feeling. Although pores and uneven coloring are covered well, the overall covering power is not too high, leaving a bare skin feeling and a natural semi-matte finish. I feel the difficulty of shiny firmly. Reporters who are worried about opening pores are likely to be able to release both.

Semi-matte skin with no pores

"Point Magic PRO Pressed Powder C" was lighter than the foundation, but showed a firm foundation-level coverage. Recommended for those who are worried about opening pores and dropping the pores of the base makeup, and those who want to achieve a smooth and smooth semi-matte skin! If you want to make your skin more pore-free, try using the base as well.

Purchase is possible from drugstores and variety shops nationwide. If you have pores, please check it out.

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