Thousand Rabbie wins for the first time

Ota Pro's regular comedy “Getsuwara” performed the climax series [CS] that decides the annual champion at Iino Hall in Uchisaiwai-cho, Tokyo on the 9th. .

The final was played against Kusanagi Miyashita, who finished 2nd in the season. With the selection of university circles, an insidious begging club came out in April, which made him laugh at the venue and grabbed the victory at 234-191.

When Nakata knew that Kunihiro Matsumura had announced victory, he was surprised not to believe it. Uno smiled from the prayer pose.

Kusanagi Miyashita laughed with his favorite delusion that he felt that a tuna fisherman was hiding in the refrigerator of his house in the final when he dismissed the No. 3 Blue No. 3 in the semi-finals in the 218-199. However, in the end, it became a graceful performance, and it was defeated before the opponent's story.

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