Three Dangerous People Disappear / Absolute Zero, Episode 8 Synopsis

The 8th episode of Fuji TV series drama "Absolute Zero-Premature Crime Infiltration Investigation" [Monday 9:00 pm] starring Kazuki Sawamura [52] will be broadcast on the 24th.

Analyzes big data that aggregates all personal information of Japanese citizens and images from surveillance cameras nationwide, and infiltrate and pursue "future criminals" statistically determined by AI to detect crime The Preparatory Office for Preventive Crime Investigation Prevention, commonly known as Mihan. Norito Izawa [Sawamura], the leader of this special mission group, is a former public security elite detective. However, his wife and daughter have been brutally killed due to the false accusation of Test Case "0" by Mihan System. Izawa was usually soft and easygoing and hard to find, but behind the scenes there was a violence that could cross the line as a detective, making it dangerous even from the upper police. Was being watched.

Uesugi Hiirai [27] plays Toshiya Kitami, a legal bureaucracy dispatched by the Ministry of Justice, together with Boss and Chief Executive Miharu Kosaka [Miki Mizuno]. "I often stay with Mr. Kosaka [Mizuno], so I was thinking about how to show Mr. Kosaka and how to show me the Kitami that I play. But I didn't know what would happen after this, so I felt that it was difficult in that sense, but I thought there were a lot of things I could do in performing it, like to be as flat as possible. Mr. Kosaka is flat at first, but he moves a lot, and he thinks he has a lot of mysteries and he is a habitual person, so in order to emphasize that, I think I should go flat. I try to stretch my back as fast as I can and stand with my legs slightly open. "

"Maybe Kitami knows everything. If Kosaka loses his career, he might have an ambition that he would be. If so, that would be good [laughs]. If you're in a very competitive world, you probably have that ambition, because the elites and top-level people in this piece are acting with some thought. I personally want to be a very bad character, "he said.

In the eighth episode, three dangerous persons who had been detected by Mihan but could not be found disappeared. Real estate scammers trying to deceive and kill land from landowners, managers of SNS dark money who tried to kill with insurance money to those who can not repay debt, erased an accident that killed a woman with a water bike In addition, the son of a politician who aimed at the life of a witness.

Masato Sonezaki [Satoru Hamada], director of the Public Security Department who came to Izawa [Sawamura] and others, brought up the story of Mr. Kaoru Tamura, a detective of Mihan who once buried a criminal who can not be judged by law in the dark, He points out that his role has been taken over. In fact, Sayaka Nishina [Eriko Sato], president of a major fitness club, who Izawa couldn't arrest, also disappeared. Thugs could have been abducted and killed.

Is any Mihan member involved in a series of consecutive disappearances? Sonezaki speaks as if he just said that Izawa was the criminal. Mihan, the chief legal bureau chief of Mihan, says he will find out the truth to prove that there are no murderers among Mihan's members.

Examination of the three disappearances revealed that none of the suspected abductors had security cameras. However, Mihan obtains an image of a suspected culprit in an investigation using feet, such as a drive recorder. Check the image with Mihan member by gait authentication. A surprising person who emerges. Who is the culprit? And the story leads to the mystery of the future.

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