Three measures to ensure that you do not become a downstream elderly

◆ What are the right and bold measures for retirement?
According to Takanori Fujita, who warned with the keyword "downstream elderly" in the Japanese elderly in the future, "even a person with an annual income of 4 million yen may become a living at a level of welfare in the future." I say. It seems that there is no longer any help with small hands.

I thought about a proper and bold retirement countermeasure that is not a small hand. Themes are health, connections and assets.

◆ Do anything for health!
What makes poverty in retirement crucial is health. It is troublesome if you can not work because you can not maintain a healthy mind and body, you need to pay for treatment and medication due to illness, you can not work for family care even if you are healthy, so there is no money left.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to do anything you can for your health.

Specifically, there is lifestyle improvement and disease prevention. The key to improving your lifestyle is not to eat bad foods [harmful food and drink], to live a regular life, and to exercise regularly. The point of disease prevention is to receive a health checkup and cancer screening without fail.

Recently, genetic testing has also made it easier to know your own innate physical risks.

You can receive a test report by searching for a laboratory on the Internet and sending your mouth mucous membranes and nails. The wand that doesn't fall is the tool you should have even if it costs money. It is not enough for you to be strong alone. I have to do everything I can to keep myself, my spouse and my family healthy.

◆ Make reliable friends
Interaction with others gives people the courage and wisdom to live. Also, if you are in a difficult situation in terms of health or money, you can get out of it with the help and cooperation of others.

Reliable friends and acquaintances are valuable assets, but they do not change in retirement life. I want to enhance my private connections, preferably apart from work, for my retirement age.

People who can make reliable people are those who can rely on themselves. Rather than the idea of ​​making a connection from the ego, a reliable connection is born from becoming an effective person in an altruistic spirit. Polish yourself, not what others will do, but what you can do for others.

◆ We can manage if we have money
Even if you're not healthy, you don't have a personal connection, and you have the money, you won't be in trouble. Money is not the trump card, but money keeps the lowest line of life. To do so, you must acquire the wisdom of investment [asset management] from a young age and work hard to form a wealth.

Specifically, let's practice the following three.

1. Don't use 10% of income, save money
2. Invest half of the savings
3. Don't spend your money until retirement

For example, a 40-year-old now forcibly saves 60,000 yen every month and invests half of that amount in 30,000 yen. Should be increasing. This is the power of long-term compound interest management.

If you can do this much, you don't need to worry about becoming a downstream elderly. Let's create a healthy and happy old age from now!

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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