Three minutes of sharpened battle│The memory of challenging Le Mans with Porsche 962C

$ 86400 for 24 hours. However, you can feel something more in the "Le Mans 24 Hours". An unforgettable, historic moment occurs. From a small episode to a big success story, emotions of joy and sadness are mixed in 24 hours. When the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held, the passion of each spectator who has been fascinated by the races at any time will unite and envelop the venue. Introducing the heroism at Le Mans, spoken by the people who have seen and felt such moments up close.

□ Hans Joachim Stuck, a racing driver from Germany

1985 "3 minutes and 14.8 seconds"
"For me, a special moment at Le Mans can be expressed in 3 minutes and 14.8 seconds. The lap time of the pole position, obtained by perfect tracing a Porsche 962C. The fast straights of Junodiere were later Chicane. The 962 was one of the best racing machines I've ever experienced. Its tremendous power, ground effects, and centrifugal force at cornering are substantial. It was a thing, and at that time there was no power steering, so the driver was required to have a strong body and the courage to challenge it.

Immediately after the start, I passed the Dunlop Bridge and entered the left and right corners of Estes, but I felt the limit of traction at the Tertre Rouge. Unless you try to minimize the speed down at the corners, the top speed will not increase in the following Yunodiere. If you can clear it successfully, you can run at 360 km / h に for about 50 seconds before braking on the narrow curve of Mulsanne. The concentration of {3} minutes of beating the fastest lap was sharpened just like the edge of a knife. A special moment at Le Mans. ''

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