Three of all JUren employees become infected. Concerns about clustering

The All Japan Judo Federation [JEN] ​​announced on July 7 that one male employee and one female employee working at the secretariat in the Kodo hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo were infected with the new coronavirus. All Jouren employees became infected. Men and women with fever were PCR tested on the 6th and tested positive on that day. Currently, she has a low fever and is undergoing medical treatment at home. Names and departments are not disclosed because they lead to the identification of individuals.

Zenjuren also found another male employee positive on the 4th. There is concern about clustering within the entire juren, and more than a dozen employees have complained of fever. One staff member will undergo a PCR test on the 8th. The secretariat was to be closed from March 30 to this month in principle, but it was decided to close by next month after the declaration of corona infection and the government's emergency declaration.

With the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for one year, the managing directors' meeting was scheduled to discuss the treatment of 13 women and women who have already been hired and the selection of representatives, but an Internet conference is expected to be held.

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