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Tightening impression! Approach the face line with the cream penetration mask "Red B.A Contour Attention Mask"

Careful before swelling becomes sagging!

A cream-like osmotic mask from Red B.A that focuses on the face line of “modding” and adult “swelling”"Red B.A Contour Attention Mask"Appeared. With a prescription design that takes into account daily skin fluctuations and aging care and an original prescription, the skin is tightened smoothly, keeping it moisturized for a long time.

Resolve adult swelling and restart! Cream penetration mask that tightens smoothly

Red B.A, a brand whose message is “Instinct can be restarted”, is focused on the fact that the feeling of swelling changes with age. Improves the problem of blurry facial impressions"Red B.A Contour Attention Mask" (with spatula, 85g, suggested retail price, tax 12,000 yen, released on October 5)Was born.

“Early swelling” that feels swelling in the entire face that I felt in my twenties turns into “adult swelling” that blurs as if the face line sinks down as I get older.

B.A has discovered that this is because the causative agent that stays on the skin freezes the cells and stagnates moisture, and has developed a cream-like osmotic mask that improves.

“Adult swelling” is very scary because if you leave it without care, it will become established. I tried to make a mask that could regain the tight feeling!

In the morning, it ’s easy to get used to. Massage from neck to décolleté at night

After preparing the skin with lotion or serum, take an appropriate amount with the attached spatula.

(Morning → Face with a single large pearl, night → Massage with 3 small cherries from face to decollete)

First, place one cherry on each of the four points on the face and let it fit from the inside to the outside on the forehead, both cheeks, and chin.

It was a cream that I thought was hard, but it was surprising when I put it on my skin.
If you were worried about stickiness, you could wipe it off with a tissue, but the reporter didn't care at all.

At night, in addition to morning care, care for the neck and decollete.

After applying the cream to the face, take 2 small creams with a spatula and place it on the 4 points of the decollete (under the jaw and below the clavicle on the lines of both chests), and apply massage from the neck to the chest. To do.

Finally massage with spatula.

Did your blood circulation improve or have a face?
For glossy, healthy and bright skin!

And… I feel like my cheeks are lifted up after being used once!

Tighten and fix! Vantage Solid feel cream is effective for adult swelling

The “Red B.A Contour Tension Mask” lifts the skin like a vantage where a tensioned cream tightens and fixes it, preventing the swelling of adults.

Recently, an acquaintance told me that my neck was clean. Surely, I think my skin is getting firm from my neck to my chest. The face is now more elastic and healthy, and the makeup is better.

If you don't want to stack today's swelling tomorrow, don't want to give up your tight face.

“Red B.A Contour Attention Mask” can be purchased from October 5th at polar shops, department stores and online stores nationwide.

If you are interested, check out the official website.

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