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TikTok to consider setting up global headquarters outside China (WSJ report)-Engadget Japan

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ByteDance, a Chinese company affiliated with TikTok, a popular short video posting service worldwide, has been warned by US regulators and senators that it could be a security risk.

Rumors have been reported that the company is considering establishing TikTok's global headquarters outside of China. According to an anonymous ByteDanc official interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, one such candidate is Singapore. Two others, London and Dublin (the Irish capital), are listed, but the final destination does not include US cities.

These moves have been debated within ByteDance for several months and are just "accelerating because of what is happening in the United States"-one of the sources said. "What's happening in the U.S." could mean a re-investigation of the $ 1 billion acquisition of U.S. video app,U.S. Navy bans use of TikTok on government-supplied mobile devicesIt seems to point to.

A spokesman for TikTok said that instead of mentioning a location for the global headquarters, teams around the world were increasingly empowered to manage their local operations. "It was clear that the best way to compete in markets around the world was to empower local teams," he said, implied by the Chinese government and operating according to local circumstances. It seems that you can claim and interpret that you do.

However, according to Peter Fuhrman, founder of Shenzhen-based investment advisory firm, if TikTok's headquarters is located outside China, it is possible that in the short term the pressure on ByteDance could be reduced. It is low.

"It's like a panda in business suits (rented only by the Chinese government) and no one can deceive," he said. (And videos outside China) are subject to the same rigorous content controls as in China. "

Singapore, the leading candidate site, is a popular destination for foreign technology companies seeking a base in the surrounding area, with a large multilingual technician population and strong government support. The experts also commented that the Southeast Asia is culturally similar to China, making it the best choice for Chinese companies looking to expand globally.

ByteDance is working to separate TikTok from other Chinese businesses,With a data management team in California, And endeavors to dispel US concerns such as the leakage of personal information to China. On the other hand, rumors that ByteDdance is considering selling its stake in TikTokWas reported(ByteDance is denied).

The feasibility of each of these alternatives within ByteDance has been debated brainstorming aside for the time being, and it is possible that each and every one is leaked in a weeping fashion. Aside from their authenticity, given the huge market in China, ByteDance may be a difficult journey away from the influence of the Chinese government.

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