TikTok to sell soon-Microsoft and Wal-Mart collaborate

After all, the high-tech giant in China, Bite Dance, may be preparing to part with the short video app TikTok. The sale of TikTok may be officially decided within a few days, it is newly reported.

TikTok and Microsoft logo

By: Angela Lang/CNET

The sale of TikTok's business in North America, Australia and New Zealand is expected to be announced "in a few days",CNBCReported on Wednesday, August 27, as to a number of sources hoping to remain anonymous. According to CNBC, Microsoft and Oracle have already made the acquisition of TikTok, and retail giant Walmart has announced that it will join the deal with Microsoft. The article also said that the sale could be up to $30 billion [about 3.2 trillion yen].

 Walmart commented that TikTok's cooperation with e-commerce and advertising is “a clear advantage for creators and users”. "By partnering with Microsoft to build a relationship with TikTok in the United States, we will add this important feature to reach and serve OmniChannel customers, as well as expand our third-party marketplace and advertising business. We believe that it may provide an important means for

▽ TikTok, Microsoft, Oracle all declined to comment.

Kevin Mayer, CEO of TikTok, announced on the 26th before this news.Had announced his resignation.. It's been three months since he retired from Disney's video distribution and took over as CEO of TikTok.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleIs edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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