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Tim Cook CEO appears in Apple Omotesando. Reunion with 84-year-old app developer Masako Wakamiya after a long absence-Engadget Japan version

December 8, 2019, the Sunday of the teacher. A super VIP in the IT industry came to Omotesando, Tokyo, where people who would like to buy Christmas presents were crowded.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has come to Apple Omotesando.

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<p>Tim Cook has been in Japan for the first time in three years. When I visited Japan last time, it was talked about using Suica with Apple Pay and running through the automatic ticket gates.</p>
<p>This time, too, he was killed by Kamiide, and on the night of the 8th, Twitter is uploading a fun chat with artist Hoshino Gen-san.</p>
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Wowed by the many talents of Gen @gen_sendenThanks for showing me how you bring your creative vision to life in the studio. Loved the izakaya too! Have a great show tomorrow! 🏮🎶

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 8, 2019

Tim Cook came to Apple Omotesando to interact with app developers.

“ Because Apple's great people come, please come to Apple Omotesando '', “ Ma-chan '', Masako Wakamiya who is familiar as an 84-year-old application developer, junior high school at the age of 13 First grader Satoshi Kanno. Both of them once introduced the app to Tim Cook, and it was a long time to reunite.

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<p>Although they were said to be "Apple's great people", the two would probably be Tim Cook CEO. Mr. Kanno was excited, "I thought it would be nice to see you, but I was really surprised to see you."</p>
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Wakamiya-san is an app that he created"Hinadan"Reported to CEO Tim Cook about the update. When I talked about multi-language support such as English, Chinese, and Korean, Tim Cook was pleased with "I can play it now."

Tim Cook, afraid to keep an eye on the update status of individual apps.

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<p>After talking with them for about 15 minutes, CEO Tim Cook went to “Today at Apple”, a free event session. I was impressed by how hard I was talking to children who enjoyed programming. The kids seemed to think they were “unknown uncles,” but they were awesome!</p>
<p>Tim Cook speaks about Japanese app developers: “I am very happy to come back to Japan. Japanese developers have the impression that they are careful about the details. 600,000 developers are very creative.”</p>
<p>After that, Tim Cook CEO is happy to go down to the basement of Apple Omotesando and take selfies with customers. The store clerk was surprised to hear the sudden visit from the top.</p>
<p>Tim Cook is currently visiting Japan. Where will the next appear?</p>
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Hello Tokyo! It's wonderful to be back in Japan! 🇯🇵 #shotoniPhone by Koichi Mitsui

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 8, 2019

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