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Tim Cook of Apple encourages graduates of the Corona Era (virtual graduation speech abstract)-Engadget Japan

Tim Cook

Engadget Japan

Apple CEO Tim Cooke congratulates his home at the virtual graduation ceremony at Ohio State University.

It's not uncommon for Cook to be invited to speak at a ceremony, but this year, Ichii was informed about the new Coronavirus bruise, which is the reason why normal graduation ceremonies cannot be held this year. It is worth listening to even if you are not a graduate of this year, talking about unnamed people who support and episodes with your own Steve Jobs.

Cook's speech is about 7 minutes. It's relatively easy to hear because it speaks clearly in plain language, but I'll continue with an overview and some excerpts below.

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・ About the new influenza pandemic of 1918 (Spanish flu)

First of all, in order to look back on the past before talking about your future, the influenza pandemic that hit the world in 1918 and caused tens of millions of victims, the so-called Spanish cold, and its influence changed the life and history. From an episode about three people who made a big impact.

Franklin Roosevelt was afflicted on board the ship as a young Navy undersecretary. After returning to Japan because he was too weak to walk, he decided to pursue national affairs.

While working as a banker and teacher, T.S.Eliot wrote a long poem "Waste" starting from "April is a cruel month" in the hospital bed. Later won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Amelia Earhart suffered from infection and complications from a patient who volunteered to become a nursing assistant because of an injured soldier. He has the dream of becoming an aviator himself from an airplane he looked up to during his long isolation medical treatment.

Unfortunately for the graduates, we cannot celebrate their graduation together,

"Your class is one of the few special years in the history of the 150-year-old Ohio State." "While in the midst, it may be difficult to get a bird's eye view of the whole. Nevertheless, this rare situation marks the honor. I hope that. "

-To face the challenges of depriving the future you were drawing. Death of Jobs

"The one who is open to the test of history, open minded, and who never forgets his hard work, is the one who has the greatest impact on the lives of others.

It reminds us that life of all ages is truly frustrating, and that we are not the only ones who tell the story of our lives. Whether you like it or not, you must accept co-authors who are difficult and selfish with the circumstances of the times.

We are forced to make choices when the brilliant plans we hold are broken, and when our heartfelt hopes are lost. Curse the loss, or find a reason to thank you for grabbing our neck who was crazy about the story for her, raising her face and looking at the changed world.

When I joined Apple in 1998, I couldn't believe my luck. How can I devote the rest of my professional life to Steve Jobs? But fate came like a night thief. When Apple lost Steve, the loneliness I felt was a testament to the impact people have on people, and nothing lasts longer. ''

・ What the current graduates want from higher education graduates

“Looking back on your current life, you should be lucky if you find it inconvenient or boring. Many will face real hardships and fears, and if not, they will live their marginal lives. Will be done.

When dealing with loved ones and friends for healing, try to think of those who are farther from your life, but equally important.

Think of an unregistered immigrant who supports his family as a father. While being neglected or disdained by the community, you are feeding your family and supporting your family in dangerous field work.

Think of a single mother. A person who supports much of society by working out the store at night and working as a city bus driver in the morning.

Think of a janitor kneeling to clean the floor of the hospital. Today's work is as lonely and precious as the high priest who cleans the temple.

And above all, I would like you to think deeply about yourself, how they, who are highly educated and proud of the world, act and work.

I want you to keep in mind what is really important in such a situation: important people are healthy and happy, the resilience of their community, and doctors, garbage collectors, and others. The sacrifices paid by those who work for it. "

・ From the words of Abraham Lincoln

(I use my spare time to read because I work from home, and I read back over and over again. Lincoln is the one who hasn't been so affected by the difficulties of the times. (I recommend it if you want, Lincoln quoted from Lincoln's speech address that he saw the country raise a fire and chose to jump into the flame)

"The dogma of the peaceful era is useless in the current turmoil. “In an era of difficult times, we must rise to the heights of the difficult situation. Unprecedented situations require new ideas and new actions. By unlocking ourselves ourselves we will be able to save the country '(from Lincoln's speech).

"Dear graduates, your situation is like never before.

For everyone, old doctrine is not an option from the beginning. I cannot afford to be tied up in the past.

All you have to do is row out with an open eye to this difficult world and spin a story that is completely your own, if not your own choice.

You're proud of your parents, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your teachers, and the community that shaped you implicitly and positively.

This proud day was by no means a promise, and many of you worked hard to win it today.

The honor of graduation is now yours.

Think again and take a new action. (Think anew.Act anew.)

Create a better future than you expected.

And in this era of anxiety, I want you to give us hope again.

Congratulations on your graduation. Please be good and healthy. thank you for your attention. "

OSU 2020 Virtual Commencement

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