Tim Cook visits Japan–I was impressed by Apple Watch's heart disease

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO during his visit to Japan, said on December 9th, Dr. Takehiro Kimura, a medical doctor specializing in advanced arrhythmia therapy at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Keio University Hospital. I visited the place. Kimura is working on the treatment of heart disease using Apple Watch from the first Apple Watch released in 2015.

“I think it ’s an advanced case in the world. I ’m impressed that Apple Watch has been in treatment for four years, and I was really impressed. It ’s simple and easy to understand. I was also interested in the details (heart rate, blood pressure, symptoms, etc.).

Keio University School of Medicine

Keio University School of Medicine

“Unless you're a teenager, no one wants to get old. Apple Watch can tell you about illnesses that you didn't understand, and it's good to actually have a cardiovascular diagnosis. Some people commented that when they fell, Apple Watch made an emergency call and was saved, or that they were motivated to do exercise and were effective in losing unnecessary weight. "

As for his Apple Watch, he said, “I like being able to win digital badges all year round.

Mr. Cook tweeted about visiting Keio University Hospital, “ Technology is pushing the boundaries of healthcare, enabling innovations and discoveries at a pace we've never seen before.It's amazing how Dr. Kimura and experts at Keio University School of Medicine use Apple Watch and Care Kit to help patients better understand their health. (Translation: Technology is pushing the boundaries of medicine and enabling innovation and discovery at an unprecedented pace. With Dr. Kimura, Keio University School of Medicine) Experts use Apple Watch and CareKit to help patients understand their health, which is great. ”

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Mr. Kimura conducts research at Keio University School of Medicine, and at the Ogawa Kaoru Clinic, he uses a digital practice using Apple Watch.Heart health care outpatient"It is carried out.

Heart health care outpatients share home medical information collected with the latest digital health devices such as Apple Watch (measurement of heart rate and exercise amount), blood pressure monitor, portable electrocardiograph with the clinic via smartphone, Early detection of diagnosed heart disease and arrhythmia, and monitoring of the patient's entire life.

The app is not originally developed,The Diary CareProIs used.

It is said that not only those who go to hospital for heart disease but also those who are concerned about high blood pressure and arrhythmia can go within the scope of insurance treatment as part of their lifestyle guidance. Note that Keio University Hospital does not provide regular outpatient treatment using Apple Watch.

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