Tips for those who manage their weekly schedules using the iPhone's Calendar app

There are quite a few iPhone users who manage their daily schedules with the Calendar app, including meetings, dinners, and meeting appointments. Work and private can be managed separately, and you will be notified just before the scheduled time, so you do not forget accidentally.

In the "Calendar" app, you can browse the schedule by day, week, month and year. In the year unit, the calendar is only displayed, it is unknown what kind of event (event) there is on which day, but in the case of the monthly unit, "●" is displayed on the day with the event, so it is empty You can distinguish whether it is a day or not.

The most frequently used is a weekly calendar. The month is displayed at the top left of the screen, and the line with the day and date is displayed below it. Tap the date to check the details of the events registered on that day. If you tap the "ボ タ ン" button at the top of the screen, all events after the currently selected date will be written out, so it is obvious.

The screens on a weekly basis are slightly modified. Flick the line with the day and date to the left to switch to the next week and flick to the right to switch to the previous week. Moreover, the selected day of the week is fixed, so you can immediately see the events of the day one week later (before).

For example, if you have selected 3/4 Wednesday in the weekly calendar, and want to check the schedule just one week later (3/11 Wednesday), move the line with the day and date to the left. Flick The day of the week is fixed, so you can return to the original display (3/4, Wednesday one week ago) by flicking to the opposite right.

This technique is also available in landscape mode supported on iOS 12 and later / 6.5-inch iPhones. It is convenient because the detailed information of the event is immediately displayed on the right side of the screen.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

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    1 When displaying a weekly calendar, flick the line with the day of the week and date to the left.

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    Two The display switches one week after the selected day

    • iPad iPhone Hacks

      Three This technique can also be used in landscape mode

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