Tips to enjoy interacting with people while waiting at home-from games to virtual drinking parties and exercise

Many people around the world will be spending weekends following social distancing. They should stay at home except to go out for grocery shopping or jogging to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

"Animal Crossing"

Spend time with friends in Animal Crossing
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だ ろ How are you spending the weekend? Because I'm purely interested. In the UK where I live, I have been banned from going out for three weeks since March 23, but in practical terms that would be even longer. If it were natural for us to spend the weekend at home, we would have to adopt new behavioral styles and rethink how we interact with important people in order to continue social interaction with people Would.

Of course, you can interact with friends and family using video chat tools like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and Houseparty. This is the benefit of living in a world where everything is connected via the Internet. But complaints about toilet paper and conversations about the weather [even in Britain] may get tired quickly. Perhaps not only do we miss being unable to see people's faces directly, but we are also eager for social activities that are important to human-to-human bonds.

It's good to share information so that everyone can be inspired. Finding a replacement for your favorite activity isn't always easy, so it may be your chance to start a new social hobby. Technology offers a variety of solutions in this regard. All you need is a little ingenuity.

Play games

So far, my main social activity has been Nintendo's game series, Animal Crossing. The video game, whose latest release was on March 20, was a gift from God. On the nights of the 21st and the 22nd, I and my partner gathered close friends on WhatsApp and spent time together on their island. Fishing, catching insects and sharing game tips while drinking real cocktails.

The experience felt surprisingly cool. And we were not alone in interacting in the animal forest world. "With [Nintendo] Switch's iPhone app, you can easily interact in-game while playing," said Daniel Golson, editor of Roadshow Social Media at CNET.

な ら If you don't like Animal Crossing, you can interact with other players in other games as well. Andrew Gebhart, senior associate editor at CNET, plays Borderlands 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2. "I've been using online games for a long time to get along with friends who live far away, and now I'm maintaining interaction with people."

If you have a virtual reality [VR] environment at home, like Scott Stein, a senior editor at CNET in the United States, you have more options to interact with people remotely. According to Stein, "I played virtual table tennis with a person from Connecticut and was terribly defeated but interesting and talked a bit." "I didn't expect to talk by voice, but it was fun."

Play "Dungeons and Dragons" online

Play "Dungeons and Dragons" online
Provided by: Andy Cross

Don't worry if you aren't interested in video games. You also have the option of playing board games or table games. Andy Cooper, a co-founder of Draw & Code, a UK studio focused on XR [VR, AR and MR], uses his Google Hangouts to play the RPG board game "Dungeons and Dragons" with friends. He talked about his experience playing. The only limitation is that the digital version of the dice is quite different from the real one.

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