Titan live held for the first time in 4 months with 100 spectators

The entertainment agency Titan's live was held for the first time in four months. Due to self-restraint to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, it was canceled last April. The show was held the day before by the entertainers and employees of the same office who had a negative antibody test. Taking a social distance, 16 pairs of entertainers, including those belonging to the office, competed for laughter in front of a crowd limited to about 100 people.

It was Combi City Hotel No. 3 that showed off the comet set in the high school soccer club. Ryota Kawai [34], a refraining player from the mood maker who plays an awkward moment, embarrassed director Takashi Oshida [34] and laughed, trying to tap into the pain of his legs by taping and trying to liven up.

Daniels of the combination is a contant of psychic material. The story of Asahi [31] and Takahiro Mochizuki [32] made him laugh.

It was a duo that was a surreal manzai and laughed jizzily. Piro [34] and Makoto Shimizu [36] snarled in the story of "Gorilla Aiue composition".

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