To 400m relay craving money, the representative individual is only the first type

The Japan Land Federation held a board meeting in Tokyo on the 16th, and as a selection standard for the 400m relay for boys, an unusual proposal was made that the participation of individual events was “ in principle only one event '', and it was considered as a continuous deliberation .

The aim is to reduce the burden on individual events for the long-sought gold medal. Men Sani Brown Hakim [20 = University of Florida], Yuki Koike [24 = Sumitomo Electric] and other players who were aiming to participate in 100 and 200 meters must narrow down the event to participate in the men's 400 meter relay. It is necessary as a principle.

The dates for the Olympics are as follows:

August 1 Men's 100 meters qualifying

Same day, men's 100 meter semi-final, final

Same day, men's 200m qualifying, semi-final

Same day, men's 200m final

Same day, men's 400m relay qualifying

7th Men's 400m Relay Final

Compared to the world championship, the schedule is packed. If you participate in the second individual and go to the final, it also means that after running a total of 6 races, you will challenge the relay. The relay is very unusual and very unlikely to challenge, so it has an unusual shape.

Certainly, historically, the 2nd individual participation in the World Games has become a concern for relays. Takase of the 15th World Championship, and Sani Brown also represented 100 and 200 meters at the 17th World Championship, but the subsequent relay was forced to miss out due to the harsh race reaction unique to the World Games. Even at this year's World Championship, Koike, who has a record of 9/98 in the 100-meter record, participated in both events. Influential overseas forces are also available. Xie Seonggi [China], who set an Asian record of 200 meters 19 seconds 88 this season and challenged both events, contributed to China New in the relay qualifying, but could not run the final due to injury. British Hughes also fought in the 100-meter and 200-meter semi-finals, and the relay final had a jerking gesture after handing over the baton. It becomes a strategy for the gold medal of the longing.

However, Sani Brown, who has a Japanese record of 9/97 at 100 meters and a self-record of 20:08, the second highest in Japan at 200 meters, has a strong willingness to do his best when he returns to Japan on the 16th the previous day. Was showing.

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