To expand impact investment in social and environmental initiatives that enhance corporate value for the world

10, the GSG [Global Steering Group for Impact Investment] Domestic Advisory Board,”Japan impact investment of the status quo 2019″published. According to the report,in 2017 718 billion was the impact of the investment investment balance in 2019 is 4,480 billion yen or more to increase.

【Here】SDGs company to growth chances[on]

Impact investing,financial return alongside social and environmental return on further investment method. In recent years, Impact Investing to a broader range of why. Future prospects in conjunction with the think.

■Investment spread for the background

Impact investment is spread in the background, in 2015, held at the United Nations summit of the”SDGs”the adoption of is. The SDGs and the”no one left behind”not sustainable diversity and inclusiveness is the realization of a society for,by 2023 to maturity and 17 of the international goal. This,the international goal to achieve as impact investment is attracting attention as dangerous.

■Education and health sectors in the active

Impact investments as an investment destination were the most is,”quality education”in the field, and 75% of respondents accounted for. The more responses collected for”Health・Medical”in the field,65% or more beyond that. Also, the”women promotion”and”IT・technology”areas, and nearly 60% responded.

■Are the benefits?

Impact investments maximum benefit through investment in social and environmental contribution can point. Profit only pursued if the investment is socially inappropriate or environmental problems, companies are investing in which an. Such investment continues to be a healthy society to build and maintain because you may not be able to.

On the other hand, the investment is their life to society and the environment to better the activities of the investment can be. Poverty and gender, environmental destruction, education disparities, such as various problems becomes noticeable that currently, impact investment from Social is a big attraction to me.

■Most of the technique is Bond

Impact investing done most of loan・bonds other than the bonds, and of the answers accounted for 50%. Also, listed shares and Unlisted shares, respectively, exceeds 40% get answers, and widely used, it said. In addition, the impact investment to the investment policy and mutual funds investments as well, such as the method of as one mentioned.

■The growing

Impact investing is the future, further growth is expected. It is a social contribution and politically marginalized from the.

Be held in 2019, the G20, the Osaka summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is”solving global issues needed to secure funds for social impact investments or, dormant deposits, including diverse and innovative financing modalities, consider the international debate at the forefront of the idea that there are”exceptions. Moreover, in Japan the Cabinet Office by the regional revitalization SDGs financial promotion is also being considered.

Such a policy rollout, the investment of further expansion and growth can be expected to do. Along with that, the social problems to tackle aggressive stance, companies enhance the value of the. [Article: yamamoto・The article list to look at]

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