To get happiness requires a "mindset of travel" rather than aiming for happiness


To get happiness requires a "mindset of travel" rather than aiming for happiness

Some people think that they have things they want to do or things they should do but they can't achieve them, they just can't achieve big things in their lives, and just time progresses. In an irregular situation of epidemics of infectious diseases, it is easy to focus on "what you can not do", but at such times, researchers say that "mindset of travel" is important for mental stability and happiness. is showing.

APA PsycNet

A'Journey Mindset' Can Help Us Get Through This Pandemic. Here's What That Means

Behavioral psychologists Szu-chi Huang and Jennifer Aaker at Stanford University have long studied the difference between pursuing "happiness" and "meaning" in life. In a 2019 study, the two investigated the importance of the Journey Mindset. In an experiment involving 1600 subjects, researchers said they had them participate in a 14-day walking program. In this experiment, all subjects were tracked for steps to their final destination.

All the subjects reached the destination, but at the arrival point the subjects had a chance to "walk a little more". Then, it turned out that those who had the idea that a walking program is like a trip will add 55% more walking distance than those who thought that the purpose of the walking program is to reach the goal Did. The former idea means "travel mindset" and the latter means "destination mindset".

“The mindset of a journey is the idea that a significant success or failure of the past continues into the present and into the future. Success does not exist as a single entity. Success has the past, and the future. It needs to be sustained."

Researchers say that it is helpful to meditate on both good and bad things and to write down your thoughts, goals, and emotions regularly to build a travel mindset. Even in an environment in which freedom is limited due to the epidemic of infectious diseases and there are many anxieties, there are hopes for new hobbies and work style improvements. Even if you don't have hope at that time, if you look at past hope, you may find a path to the next step. To gain a travel mindset, we need to recognize that “success” is not a goal but a process of growth, learning and change.

Traveling mindsets are a good way to deal with the challenges you are facing and help maintain your mental health and promote growth, even if it triggers stress.

There are other similar findings, and in 2003, "the ones who were forced to feel happy" while listening to classical music, compared to those who were just listening, when the song ended. On the contrary, happiness may become smaller(PDF file)Is shown.. Rather than trying to achieve the "happiness" of happiness, by focusing on the "current acts" of finding the meaning of life, such as gathering with friends and family, work, spending time in nature, etc. The researchers say the gains will be greater.

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