To Kokugakuin University Urano, Hakone “I want to contribute by taking the section award”

Kokugakuin University, the first winner of Izumo Ekiden in October, went on a send-off party for the 96th Hakone Ekiden [January 2 and 3 next year] on the 13th campus of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

In 19 years in Hakone, the team was the seventh highest ever. Yuhei Urano [4 years], who showed a section award in the 5 wards of the mountain climbing and the new section activity, said, “The goal of winning the outbound route and the third overall is realistic. I don't have that, so I want to contribute to the team's goals by taking the section prize in Hakone. "

There is a high possibility that the 5th district will be entrusted again. The last time I practiced with the aim of running in the 2nd ward, he said, "We haven't prepared for the mountain at all." In such a situation, he showed a good run, but he analyzed that “there were not enough preparations, so there were some parts that were not enough”. We are aiming for further growth.

This time, in preparation for mountain climbing, we have been preparing carefully after the all-Japan incarnation in September. Talking with a team trainer, etc., “I have trained my strength from back to buttocks in training. I have not only increased my strength but also acquired flexibility, and it has become a“ mountain specification ”body.” Shows response to remodeling. I intend to make use of my experience of running once in race strategy and cold countermeasures.

Last time marked 1 hour 10 minutes 54 seconds. When asked about the record update, he was confident that "Time is affected by the condition, so it's okay to stick with it, but if you get everything together, you can aim."

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