To preserve the heritage of Historic Racing | Succession of Porsche 935 K3

This articleWhat is Kramer's answer to helping the engine maintain its maximum performance? Porsche 935 K3]Is continued.

After several hours of intense battle, GELO Porsche suffered damage to the engine, and it appeared as if Kramer was one step closer to victory. But suddenly, the timing belt of the K3 injection pump, which is leading, was cut off. Don Whittington changes belts on the course, but quickly breaks again. Rest everything. No more spare belts. Don's action was to remove the dynamo belt and replace it with an injection pump. Even though it was a stopgap measure, thanks to the proper first aid he could return to the pit and eventually win. The debut win that Kremer dreamed of was achieved in this way. And it was a magnificent victory, seven laps behind Dick Barbuer's 935, run by Barbours, Stomeren and movie star Paul Newman. Even more surprising is another Cramer Porsche finishing in third place!

The K3 continued to be a major success on the circuit, but it also helped Kremer Racing improve its finances. Eventually, Kremer built 13 Porsche 935K3s at a workshop in Cologne, and sold them for more than 375,000 Deutsche Mark [equivalent to € 190,000], depending on the equipment to be fitted. In addition, an upgrade kit was provided to racing teams who wanted to modify the Standard 935 to the same specifications as the Kremer K3.

The following year, Klaus Ludwig moved to Ford, and Axel Plankenhorn became the team's first driver. However, the 1980 season was not a good year for Plankenhorn and Klemmer Racing. The brothers Kremmer pulled John Fitzpatrick into the team as an alternative driver to change the situation and managed to keep his face on Norris Ring, Zolder and Hockenheim with three local wins. But it was still a disappointing season, and Clemer Racing began preparing the 935K4 for the next 1981 season. The K3 was sold to Fitzpatrick for fighting the American IMSA series. Over the next few years, the Jägermeister K3 will move the world under an internationally active racing team. The K3 returned to Clemer Racing in 2006 and is known to have once entered a historic motorsport event.

The following year, Irvin Klemmer dies unexpectedly. The company was taken over by Uwe Sauer, a Klemmer technician from the start, who knew everything about the modified 935. Kremmer announced in 2008 that he would sell the Jaegermeister K3, but a man named Eberhard Baunach, a guest of Kremer, jumped and bought it. Baunach has been an avid fan of Kremer K2 since he was young, eventually getting the original 935K2 and turning his childhood dreams into reality. With the full cooperation of the Kramer team, he decides to let K2 step on the circuit again. He believes that driving is better for cars than putting them in museums and making cars worse, and he is a 43-year-old racing license enthusiast. So when he knew that K3 would go on sale, he raised his hand without thinking.

In 2009, he made his debut with the Jagermeister K3 in the DRM revival 'Oldtimer Grand Prix', finishing K3 in 14th place. He may be unsatisfactory at first glance, but he is happy. Because he is very well aware of the historic value of his car, and at the same time, he is a sensible person who always keeps going "easy going ず without running all or nothing to win. It is. Compared to the K2, the K3 is as powerful as 120bhp, but the power generated by the two turbos and the less notorious turbo lag. However, in order to maintain performance over the long term, Kremer dared to deliver less than 750bhp. Nevertheless, the driving sensation hasn't changed much from before.

I'm glad that Kremer Racing's dedication to historic motorsport remains the same, but I'd like to send more thanks to Baunach, who even got the company in August 2010. . He is also the chairman of the Historic Motor Racing Driver Association, and this passion is what makes the history of a historic racing such as the Jaegermeister Porsche 935 K3 a stable future.

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