To Verstappen's youngest king "win all races"

After the spread of the new coronavirus infection, F1's opening race 2020 Austria GP, which will be the first restart as global sports, will start free running from July 3.

Red Bull Honda, which is said to be in good shape for the machine this season, has high expectations for this year because it will only open at the Red Bull Ring, which has won the championship for the past two years in a row.

Max Verstappen is aiming to win the youngest champion in history, but admits that they are doing well, but he showed a cautious view that he would have to run the car to see it.

"It's always difficult to answer those questions, but I'm sure we're in good shape, and we've been pushing all the time. So we could bring all the parts here. The power unit has also been upgraded, I think it's a good start, just a pre-opening test and a much longer off after that, so there's more or less question marks for everyone and where they are I don't know for sure, so it's better to just run and see where we are rather than talking about that."

Red Bull Ring has won the championship for the past two years in a row, but last year it was a high altitude of 700 m with thin air and the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius, which was unexpectedly hot, so Red Bull Honda won the race while the rival was struggling. .. Last year, he gained an advantage in tire management in the heat, but he wasn't particularly good at Red Bull Link as a machine package. And it is expected that not only Red Bull but also rival car characteristics are changing this year.

"Of course each year is a different race, and there is no guarantee that it will be this year. The races here for the last three years have been great, of course, but "OK, some years have been good here I don't think'I'm good this year because of the race.' Especially this year is an unusual season, and I can't say anything unless I actually start running. First of all, I have to make a comfortable machine, and Hope it won't take long, and what happens after that. Of course we will try to win every race."

Team mate Alexander Arbon is still in the second year of the season, as he was quickly promoted to Red Bull in the second half of last year's F1 debut, although he was still able to beat Ace's Verstappen.

However, this season, he has been preparing well with the team during the off season, and there are expectations for his leap.

"Last year I was joining the team in the middle of the season, so I couldn't afford to sit back and think carefully. There was no such thing as a race after the end of one race weekend. I slammed my knees with some of the guys in the area, worked on things in different areas and had a lot of talk about what I wanted to do for this year, because there was another four months out there. We talked to each other that there wasn't one, and the same mentality as before, and the same focus."

The F1 season of 2020 will start at the Austrian Grand Prix on the 5th of July, and the next week will be the same Red Bull Ring as the Steyrmark GP, where two consecutive games will be held, and the next week we will move to Budapest. Held the Hungarian GP. It has an overcrowded schedule of holding 3 consecutive weeks, 2 consecutive weeks and 8 races in 10 weeks with a break of 1 week.

[Mr. Yoneke Minoki]

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