Today noted the CPI, Turkey unemployment, US core CPI index, such as

*06:30JST Today noted in the CPI, Turkey unemployment, US core CPI index, such as

08:50 the lending trends of the Bank total(3 month) 2.2%
08:50 Bank lending trends(including Shinkin banks YoY)(3 month) 2.1%
08:50 Domestic Corporate Goods price index(3 month) 0% 0.8%

10:30 in the・consumer price index(3 month) 4.8% 5.2%
10:30 in・producer price index(3 month) -1.1% -0.4%
16:00 Turkey・unemployment rate(1 month) 13.7%
21:30 US・core CPI index(3 month) 2.3% 2.4%

In・financing total(3 months, 15 days) 2 trillion 6000 billion yuan 8554 billion yuan

In・money supply(3 months, 15 days)

In・yuan-denominated new loans balance(3 months, 15 days) 1 trillion 7756 billion yuan 9057 billion yuan

Rice・yourself・Buddha・Ying・sign・Australia・in・NZ・Hong Kong・Club・South Africa・Switzerland・Italy・stock market holidays for Closed(Good Friday)

North Korea・Supreme People’s Assembly

Note: numeric is a market consensus,previous numerical《FA》

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