Today’s foreign exchange market point: the Tokyo market closed at 111 yen’s potential

*07:46JST today’s foreign exchange market point: the Tokyo market closed at 111 yen’s potential
21 days of dollar・yen in the Tokyo market at 112 yen 19 sen from 111 yen 69 Qian in the fall. In Europe and the United States dollar 112 yen 03 Qian from 111 yen 47 sen in the fall, and 111 yen 57 sen at the closing of the transactions.

Today’s 24 days of dollar・yen, and 111 yen to the steady. In Japan the new coronavirus infection of expansion is concerned, the Tokyo market is closed for new dollars to buy the material is not provided, the dollar・yen to 111 yen to the mid-area’s potential.

21 days of New York market, 2 September US Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index [PMI] preliminary and 2 September US Markit service sector Purchasing Managers ‘ Index [PMI] preliminary estimates are both below market expectations, it was position adjustment by selling dollars, but the dominance was. The market between the parties is,”announced on November 21 the Euro area and the United Kingdom of 2 January composite PMI improved, the US composite PMI fell to a milestone of 50 was below the unconvinced”and the voice heard.

However, the US market investors from the funds of a large amount of runoff that a situation could develop into a low view of many Asian countries and some emerging countries from the outflow of funds for years are gone this from,”the safety of the flight to Dollars Buy”to continue, the dollar・yen is once again depreciating yen direction to being. Last 4 months of the 112 yen 40 sen is an important milestone, and this level is exceeded, the high dollar and depreciation of the yen, to proceed further possibility is left. 《MK》

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