Tohoku Univ., electroosmotic flow by electric-rich lenses develop

Contact lenses of the Japanese people 5 people 1 people used to have dry eye symptoms of a serious problem. Dry ice is just to bring discomfort, not only in ocular surface inflammation and damage, visual impairment that can be the cause of this. Tohoku University Research Group 11 months 29 days,dry ice to prevent the hydrogel material developed as a result of the organic matter consists of only external power supply required anti-dry eye contact lenses to achieve a successful and announced.

【Here】Tears in the”long” a “lipid”is dry ice, preventing the Hokkaido University research

The outcome of this research is 11 month 28 date in Advanced Materials Technologies online edition of the Journal have been published.

The liquid in the energized liquid feed how to do as,”electro-osmotic flow”of the use it research have been promoted. However, the lenses used, such as organic matter, especially hydro-gel electro-osmotic flow to generate an example of this is reported that did not.

The Tohoku University Research Group,hydrogel synthesis techniques and moisture control, the numerator of the fixed charge density, knowledge agglomeration has been. And this time,all commercially available lenses used in the monomer of polymerization, and the optimal charge density such that the synthesis was performed. The synthesis for a monomer is methacrylic acid,hydroxyethyl methacrylate,methyl methacrylate, 3 of a kind. A percentage of them exquisitely adjusted that, in the hydrogel of the electro-osmotic flow and strength optimization was performed.

As a result, the hydrogel membrane current to be applied to the moisture retention effect, and then it turns out that dry eye relieving effect could be suggested. Also, the battery powered self-contained device and also the operation is confirmed, the drying rate of decline is indicated. This time for the battery is biocompatible with the bio-battery also features.

The results of this study,electro-osmotic flow by the use of contact lenses moisturizing can, and dry eye relief can expect that to. Also, the water flow control technology for dry eye relief, as well as 点眼器 or syringe, such as glare to a note out to the law of development might be expected.

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