Tokai University's father, Kihaya, is going to sell masks at a company that he runs

Rookie Shunsuke Kihaya [Ikuei Sendai], a rookie of the Tokai Continent, chases the back of the yearning admirer Osako [28 = Nike].

Ryukakudo's director [53] of the same university taught Japanese ace during the days of high school Ekiden strong man, Saku Nagasaki [Nagano]. Currently, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the department is not active, but aiming to become a “world standard” under the command of the general, starting from the first year, “3 major Ekiden [Izumo, All Japan, Hakone] All section battle Vow to fully operate. " Became a top student runner and flapped the world, including the 24th Paris Olympics.


In "Helm Kihaya", which is run by Takahiro Chichi, he began manufacturing antibacterial cloth masks. The feature is that the growth of bacteria attached to the fiber is suppressed, the sweat-absorbing and quick-drying function makes it less sticky, and it can be washed and used repeatedly. Orders for adults and children starting from 1000 yen [excluding tax]. Initially it was only plain, but I got the hint from the mask depicting the prefecture's PR character "Musubi Maru" worn by Governor Yoshihiro Murai of Miyagi prefecture. A license is issued by the prefecture, and if you wish, you will be able to attach a MUSUI MARU free of charge and sell it soon.

In his main business, he is often involved in the production of signboards and banners for events, but a series of cancellations due to coronal disasters have resulted in zero event-related sales starting in March. He thought, "Is there anything I can do with the existing equipment to protect employees and the company?" And "Let's make up the missing mask by utilizing the technology of the industrial sewing machine" and receives an order via email or SNS.

Mr. Takahiro is an OB graduate of Sendai Ikuei who has experience in land and is the same as Kihaya. In 3rd year, he won 4th place at 1500m national polity. I went on to school and went to Hakoneji, but I couldn't do it because of a breakdown. Taichi, the eldest son, is a track and field club manager for the same four years. I have senior and junior relationships with two sons. He put his strength into his efforts, saying, "I want you to raise your level as a competitor with a humble feeling and not to treat you. I also hope to grow as a person."

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