Tokio Marine AM, owner’s Equity Fund Indian version of Set 8 from the date of operational start

Tokio Marine Asset Management 8 November,”Tokio Marine・India・owner’s shares in the open”of the operation began. The company’s success Fund”Tokio Marine・co・owner’s shares opening”Indian version of the US.

【Here】Cost 0 investment trusts,Nomura AM from New Sales Net Securities price competition is more severe

Indian companies in the management, major shareholders, and shares in companies that have to invest. Family Fund the scheme in Year 1 times the earnings type. Currency hedging is not performed.

■The Japanese version is 2018 the only plus grades left

“Tokio Marine・co・owner’s shares in the open”, the following award-winning with.

・The 3rd QUICK Pick mid-to long-term investment worthy of investment
・The Infinity club・Public Fund award 2020 first prize
・R&I Fund award 2019 mutual funds domestic stocks sector Best Fund award

The Japanese version of the owner’s stock options, the team had left. 2013 years 4 month’s set comes to grades of a+199.79%[before tax and distributions reinvested], the Morningstar by 2018 in a public offering of investment trust is the only plus grades left [+5.76%. In 2018, the Nikkei average:12.1% decrease].

Owners Corporation, the owner himself is a major shareholder because the stock of a corporate strategy to take and considered. The Japanese version of the owner’s stock options, management will own shares over 5% are held by companies that invest, but the Indian version is 10%or more.

“Leadership survey”and the management of the qualitative analysis point of performing is the Japanese version seems to be the same as. Direct interviews with long-term shareholder interests, the pursuit of posture and corporate 私物化, etc. to assess the risks. Fundamentals such as quantitative analysis, the portfolio construction strategy.

The operation is Tokio Marine Asset of the overseas subsidiaries do.

■India shares 19 from the end of the year 27%decline

Corona shock of the impact, India’s stock index [Mumbai SENSEX30]is from the end of last year approximately 27%,the Indian rupee and also against the yen around 5. Fallen by 9%. Overseas equity investment, the decline phase in the stock price and exchange rate of both may be affected. Emerging markets in India, the risk is higher than would.

Success Fund of the new products in expectation, but investment decisions carefully want. [Article: financial planner・Wakayama, Takuya・The article list to look at]

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