Tokugawa Ieyasu is”the real estate connoisseur”of the master was!?

Ieyasu Tokugawa[Shogunate]as of today, a cosmopolitan city, Tokyo is not that.

Tokugawa Ieyasu is why Edo, to the Tokugawa Shogunate seen visitors of the land decided from. It is the”Ieyasu against vigilance”, but their background and to have that. Hideyoshi vassals[feudal lords]from”五大老””three old””五奉行”is provided, a stalwart structure offered.

But conscience is,Ishida Mitsunari[五奉行 one of] the Toyotomi era to continue to improve the core of the person and decided. And most of the Toyotomi era to jeopardize the person, as 五大老 turned toward Ieyasu and be wary about.

“Best rating”of 五大老 to use, but take it in the chest,”the honor and candy sucking and fangs sharpened and not from”you. “Candy”while giving on the other hand is now the Tokai region has been Ieyasu’s provinces in the Kanto region change in Osaka, and at a distance that measures was.

Ieyasu in the Kanto=Edo offices was in 1590[Tensho 18 years]. The Tokugawa Shogunate established in 1603[keicho 8 years]. Then, the history of textbooks in the familiar episode arrives direct confrontation happened. “Osaka winter battle[keicho 9 years]/summer camp[the 10 year]”. The Tokugawa army is victory,Ieyasu of the Edo period based on the full swing.

But this hypothesis also holds. World who became Ieyasu’s original home:Suruga Castle in the nucleus,the Tokai area”Shogunate”and thought no wonder. From the Imperial court the shogun of the crown to get the samurai of the President and was from Kyoto, also close to the old enemy base in Osaka of the Shogunate to open a hand, was definitely.

I,Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Shogunate provided to decided from. “The real reason”was for the writings of such as not. But there are various theories.

“Why preach”methods of the theory of”this”and empathy is”Ieyasu of real estate investment excellent viewpoint is the Edo Shogunate and the establishment of the Foundation was”in the view that you. It is,as follows from the perspective and can point out.

[I] large cities flourished terrain conditions:”large”of the crown by the city history, a common denominator can be confirmed. “Around the vast land to have”the sea”and a large river facing”in. In the former, from Edo to the North of the Kanto Plain had spread. In the latter, the Bay and the largest of the tone river water in a symbolic.

[II]win-win base:Nihonbashi River Bridge [Nihonbashi]was constructed on a site adjacent to the existing four-story head office of the Edo Shogunate opened the same as in 1603 that. Ieyasu Nihonbashi to five major routes[Tokaido, Nakasendo・Koshu Kaido, Nikko Kaido, Oshu Kaido]of a land from this base and thought.

[III]from these distribution locations:Edo Bay to”hub port”and the National Sea distribution of establishment thought possible. Land distribution system in the train car[truck]no age,time is costly too. Seaway web service without Edo’s prosperity is not.

Edo people are living on the move means other than the foot is no”basket”,”horse”. The river was often his land is”ship”was a necessity.

The Edo people of the ship I want. “Together with the Fang boat[just you tell me. 船先 is pointed boat]”, it’s more around the small”a hundred statements Shenzhou[their 掉 be he]”and so on. Seaway on the distribution of a”barrel boat[Tun carry]””higakikaisen carried the necessaries from Osaka to Tokyo[sake other than carrying]”and so on. Surrounded by the sea of Japan in the evolution of ship technology has been polished for.

That said, the Shogunate established during the Edo period of the Earth in one bite if you say”currents into the weak ground of barren wetlands”. Ieyasu is so much land in the point of view from”cuckoo land”with a future”high ground”and acknowledged that,right now in Tokyo the heart of your sea to actively landfill was. Our 8 Shogun army of Yoshimune:the era of 1721[6 of the Kyoho ERA] in Edo, with a population of approximately 110 million people. At the same time London’s population is about 70 million people in Paris, about 50 million records there.

So. Ieyasu is now flowing to”future-thinking real estate investment, artistic”to be aware of that. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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