Tokunaga Yumi Announcer return, positive staff all report better

Free announcer Tokunaga Yumi [44] returned to the TV program Asahi affiliated news program "News Station" [Monday-Friday 9:54 pm] as a main caster by remote appearance. Tokunaga had been withheld from the 13th due to the new coronavirus infection of the co-star Yuta Tomikawa [43].

Due to the spread of infection, Tokunaga appeared in a separate room instead of the studio. After two weeks of follow-up, he reported that he had no problems with his current physical condition and said, "I will return to the program from today." It was also reported that Bucheon Anna is still receiving medical treatment at home and that all four infected program staff such as Bucheon Anna are in physical condition.

Tokunaga said, "We have taken seriously the fact that multiple infected persons appeared in the program despite calling for prevention of the spread of infection." "To prevent the spread of infection in the future, our program I would like to reorganize and convey what I have learned and what I have learned through my experience. " Tokunaga makes a remote appearance for the time being. On this day, he worked in collaboration with the studio's bureau Tomoki Itakura Ana [34] and Mori Yoko Ana [33].

The station announced the return of performers such as Tokunaga and commentators this morning. "I will tell you the program while taking as much infection prevention measures as possible, such as remote appearance," together with Ippei Ogi Anna [45] who acted as a substitute hitting caster, Anna Mori and others. The program staff who were waiting at home as well as the performers have returned.

In the program, Bucheon Anna on the 12th, chief producer and husband of Free Anna Tamae Akae [45] acting on the 15th as general director, contract staff on the 19th, involved in the production of the program until the 3rd of this month on the 24th. The former staff who had been infected with the new corona.

<Progress of corona infection in news station>

▼ April 3rd and 4th, Bucheon Ana fever. Immediately back

▼ 5-9 days Bucheon Anna usually appeared. Even with normal fever, symptoms such as tangles and shortness of breath appear every day

▼ The same day, Bucheon Anna was hospitalized. Diagnosed as mild pneumonia

▼ 11th of the same day Bucheon Anna diagnosed as positive by PCR test

▼ The same day, TV Asahi announced the infection of Bucheon Ana

▼ The same day, 13 cast members such as Tokunaga Announcer and all production staff are waiting at home

▼ 15th of the same day, the station announced the infection of the staff who is the chief producer and husband of Akae Anna

▼ 17th-19th September Complete sterilization of Roppongi headquarters building in Tokyo

▼ 21st of the same day Bucheon Anna was discharged

▼ 27th of the same day, the station announced the return of cast members such as Ana Tokunaga

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