Tokyo currency:share prices continued and sluggish

*11:50JST Tokyo foreign exchange:stock prices continued and sluggish
Day 7 morning Tokyo market dollar・yen is 107 yen 30 銭台 in the United States. The Nikkei Stock Average is 126 yen in morning trading and finished. The stock price reversal of the potential is high for the risk appetite by buy USD・sell JPY and is being suppressed by you. However, the dollar・yen is 107 yen 20 銭台 in lower astringency, and the Asian market at 107 yen to maintain likely and to. This trading range, the dollar・yen is 107 yen 31 sen from the 107 yen 44 sen, the Euro・dollar is 1. 1307 from $ 1. 1333 dollars. The Euro・yen is 121 yen 38 sen from 121 yen 59 sen.

■The future of the point
・Virus infection of the re-expansion of risk
・Western trade friction concerns
・U.S. interest rate long-term deferred likely

・NY crude oil futures[extended trading hours]:high 40. 76 dollar low 40. 54 dollars, the most recent value of 40. 73《MK》

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