Tokyo Disney Resort, 4 month from the ticket price increase for adults is 8200 yen

Tokyo Disney Resort is operated by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. is 30 days in 2020, and 4 months from the”Tokyo Disneyland”and”Tokyo Disney Sea”of the ticket price changes to be announced. Adult”1 day passport”at the current 7,500 yen [price including tax]from 8,200 yen to 700 yen raised from Junior high and high school students for 中人 for the ticket price: 400 yen of the price increase that. On the other hand, toddlers・elementary school students the subject of child friendly ticket price, is deferred to.

【Here】Oriental,improve customer satisfaction and human resources to strengthen,develop and promote growth to the challenge

The new price applies to 4 on 1 November buy tickets from. Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea either Park in 1 day you can play 1 day passport, or other 2 day passport, senior passport, collective passport, such as the various ticket prices across the Board be revised. Either Park all year passports for adults price of 91,000 yen from 99,000 yen significantly, the value increases.

Adults price, 中人 price of all tickets in a price increase and on the other hand, individuals ticket for Child price is unchanged. Oriental is its aim,”every generation of people can enjoy the”the family entertainment”aiming”for that. In the fiscal year under review, our new initiatives included the people with disabilities for ticket prices to be set. The adult is 6,600 yen, and 4 months of ticket price revision made by that.

Oriental of the bullish price, the new facilities open in the future if enough customers expected with the background. Tokyo Disneyland is,4 on 15″beauty and The Beast”theme of the new attractions such as more than one facility is scheduled to open in the center to high expectations. Also, the Park by the introduction of go enhances the convenience and also price of reasons as mentioned.

On the other hand Oriental is on the same day, the 2022 fiscal year was scheduled for Tokyo Disney Sea New Area and the opening timing is delayed and announced. “Anna and the Snow Queen”and”the top of the tower of Rapunzel”, such as the worldview theme port”Fantasy Springs”for a new scheduled to open, the 2023 fiscal year, respectively. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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