Tokyo lockdown risk is restrained factors on/after investment strategy

[The Nikkei・TOPIX [table]]

The Nikkei Stock Average;18762.70;-626.73 TOPIX;1409.17;-50.32

[After the investment]

Morning the Solid was then as down to widen the expansion, after all, the Chicago futures it’s not that good looking was. 3 months ended financial statements of companies dividends fell by the impact of the 180-yen level for the portion of the consideration as the dividends fall Minutes times lower that the brand name is a lot,new corona virus infection by increasing the economic stagnation of the protracted concern is growing that the situation would be. Participants are limited to in futures led by index buying and selling more vulnerable to the impact of the supply-demand situation well.

Ransacked the flow of the mask or treatment, ventilator, telework and the new coronavirus related to stocks, etc. to focus on, and after that the flow will continue. TOPIX rate of decline will exceed 3% and,after the BOJ’s ETF purchases to speculation, etc., is propped up to be recognized as such,short-term muscle sell gimmicks rather than real demand, selling out for the prop, even a short cover strong the flow is on would. In Japan the weekend of the infected person to expand on the background of Tokyo lockdown risk is further enlarged dressed in medium-to long-term positions also restrained from so. 《AK》

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