Tokyo marathon scale down

The Tokyo Marathon conference on March 1 was held in Tokyo on the 28th, and Shizuo Ito, chairman of the marathon's foundation, was inaugurated without the general runner due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. "I'm sorry that the result was disappointing," he said.

Greetings at the beginning of the conference. He mentioned that the scale of the disease was reduced due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Since the first competition in 2007, more than 30,000 runners and more than 10,000 volunteers have participated in the Tokyo Marathon. The slogan of the tournament, which is also one of the largest citizen marathons in Japan, is “Tokyo will be one”. At the same time, the event has been run with "safety and security" as an important axis.

The foundation set up a response team at the end of January to discuss preventive measures for the new coronavirus, but was struggling with the ever-increasing spread of infection in Japan. "I think the runners had their own thoughts. I'm sorry that everyone who worked hard for the race had a disappointing result." I said. Runners who have the right to run but could not participate this time will be guaranteed participation if they pay the entry fee at the next year's tournament.

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