Tokyo Olympic Marathon, 10 km to 2 laps in the latter half of the course

On the 14th, it was found on the 14th that the relevant organizations entered the final adjustment in the direction of going around 10 kilometers in the second half of the course that was undecided at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] marathon held in Sapporo. Policy to be decided by 20th.

On this day, representatives from the International Olympic Committee [IOC], World Athletics [World Land Federation], and the Organizing Committee of the tournament visited the site. The deputy director of the organizing committee, Yasuo Mori, announced the direction of the decision for the second half of the undecided course during the next week.

As for the course, the arrival and departure of Odori Park and the first 20km course have been decided, but the second half of 22.195km is undecided. The World Land Federation hopes to make 3 laps of about 7 km, and the Organizing Committee is considering 2 laps of about 10 km course as well as about 20 km course 1 lap plan like the first half. In addition to the decided 20km course in the first half, the tour also visited multiple second half courses and exchanged opinions. Deputy Director General of the Mori Convention Administration said, “It was a discussion on the map on the desk so far, but we were able to share the recognition.

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