Tokyo Olympics prohibit kneeling at IOC, guide in political protest

The Olympic Committee of the International Olympic Committee [IOC] announced on Tuesday Article 50 of the Olympic Charter which prohibits political, religious and racial publicity at Olympic venues and athlete villages However, he stipulated that some athletes did not allow kneeling during the national anthem singing in order to protest racism at the US Professional Football NFL. Apply at this summer's Tokyo Games.

Political messages and gestures are also prohibited, and any violations will be considered by the local Olympic Committee, the International Federation or the IOC.

At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, a male marathon runner, Ethiopia, posed for protests against his country's oppression. 1968 Two U.S. athletes who won gold and bronze medals at the Mexico Men's 200 meter athletics landed in Mexico for protesting discrimination against blacks and pushing up their fists wearing black gloves on a podium as a "political propaganda" There have been examples. [Joint]

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