Tokyo Olympics tickets are the image color and pictogram of the tournament

On the 15th, the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] and Paralympic Games announced the design of spectator tickets. Combining the image color of the tournament and the pictogram of the competition, a total of 59 types of Olympics and 25 types of paras were created. The design was open to the public at Coredo Muromachi in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

We prepared four colors, "Ai, Beni, Matsuba, Wisteria". The national stadium where athletics is held is colored in red, and the Tokyo Aquatics Center where swimming competitions are held is indigo.

On this day, the application for the second lottery sale of the paraticket also started. It is expected that more than the first 600,000 will be sold, and the opening and closing ceremony and the finals of popular competitions are popular like the Olympics. It seems that qualifying for team competitions is relatively easy to win. The deadline is 11:59 am on the 29th and the results will be announced on February 18.

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