Tokyo people “Osaka's“ Let's play again ”is unclear. What have you never played before?” Osaka's answer

This is Meg Sawai, a writer from Osaka. There was such a thing. Currently living in Hokuriku, but Kansai dialect is still missing. It is often said that Osaka people don't have the “repair” to Kansai dialect wherever they go, but do n’t be upset because you ’re not talking about it.

Well, the other day, I was talking about work with someone from the Kanto area, and the Kansai dialect came out without knowing it. I was surprised that some words didn't work.

・ "I will try again" does not work for people from Kanto

I've done it with Rocket NewsMakeover Makeup" This is a sister who became a Kano sister and became a Korean. And I wanted to get involved with that person, so I said this.

“I want to do makeup planning with Mr. XX!”


“Oh, haven't you done with me? [Laughs]”

I was laughed. ……Ah! It seems to have been out of focus !? No, the Osaka people don't say the “Kansai” that Kansai people say widely…

・ Kansai people say "Let's try again" is not "Let's try again"

In this case, “May” is not “Let ’s do it again”. In other words,

"Let's do this now" "Let's make an opportunity"

It means that. You are never wrong with someone, your memory is turbid, or you are not kidding. When I explained that, I was again laughed at “Osaka people, confusing! …… I'm glad you laughed!

・ I was misunderstood

Osaka dialect is the most spoken dialect on TV, so I didn't think it would be true. It may be that the talk has become more complicated because the phrase "Let's try again" is also a common language.

If the words are clearly different, such as “OOKINI” or “Let's stay!”, The Kansai side thinks that “this is normal”.

Another person has been pointed out about "Let's try again". “I don't understand the meaning of“ Let's play again ”by the people of Osaka.Misunderstanding that it was mistaken for another personIt seemed to have been done, and I was scared that it was a bit crisp.

・ I just want to be better friends

As I say many times, Kansai people speak of "Let's do it again" means "Let's do this time" or "Let's make an opportunity". I can't say how feasible that "also" is, but at leastDoes not hold negative feelings to the other partyI am sure. As a person using this word,Rather I want to be better friendsI feel that there are many cases that I think.

Kansai people also have to keep in mind if they don't understand "See you again". However, there may be cases where you get out of the way … Please forgive me.

writing:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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