"Tokyo Tarareba Musume" SP broadcast this summer, everyone is 33 years old

It was found on the 29th that a special edition of the Nippon Television series drama "Tokyo Tarareba Musume" aired in the January 2017 term starring Yoshiko Yuriko [31] will be broadcast this summer.

A love singer who plays Yoshitaka, a ladies who come and go to work in love in search of happiness. Nana Eikura [32] and Yuko Oshima [31], who were best friends in the serial drama version, will also appear. Yoshitaka says, "I think this will be a drama that will be fun, cute and happy this time, so my three daughters who are only three years old may not be able to be said to be daughters anymore, but I am glad if you can watch them!" I am enthusiastic.

Eikura said, "When the series drama ended, I was talking about Tarareba, saying that I would like to do it again someday," Oshima said, "If I was born in a different year, I did not go around. And I wondered if there was no Tarareba daughter [in these three people]. I wonder if I couldn't get along with me in a private meeting and have a meal! "

In the special version, everyone is 33, and Yoshitaka and three others struggle to get their happiness in a slapstick play.

Akihiko Higashimura, the creator of the manga with the same name, said, "From the drama of Tokyo Tarareba Musume, it has already been three years in a blink of an eye … Actually, three years ago, everyone said," Let's do a special drama in 20 years! " I realized that it was really happening and there is no more joy as an author! The Olympic year, which thought that it was a distant future, came and unfortunately was postponed, but Tarareba's daughter I hope the three of them will be able to power up and rampage up as well, and give Japan more energy, just like at that time. "

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