Tokyu Housing Leasing introduces at-home web occupancy application system

On January 15, Tokyu Housing Lease introduced a service called “Smart Application,” a home-based web application system for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of real estate brokerage operations and improving the convenience of applicants. It was announced.

ホ ー ム Smart Home is a system developed by AtHome as a system for real estate rental management companies that allows you to apply for rental housing on the web. During the development phase of the system, Tokyu Housing Leasing has provided support for practical use by providing know-how in the management of rental housing.

Smart applications can be used by Tokyu Housing Lease, a real estate rental management company that has introduced the system, and at home affiliated stores [real estate] that use ATBB, a real estate business comprehensive support site operated by at home. Intermediary company] and those who wish to apply for rental housing through them.

The real estate agency logs in to ATBB and sends a dedicated application form to the registered e-mail address of the applicant. The applicant enters necessary information and confirms the application information at the real estate agency. The service flow is to accept an application at Tokyu Housing Lease, make a screening, and then notify the results of the screening on the web.

In Tokyu Housing Lease, the introduction of a web occupancy application system has promoted the paperless system, eliminating the need for occupants to manually fill out the application form and responding to missing omissions. According to the company, it can be expected to increase convenience.

In addition, since the burden of three-way delivery between the applicant, the real estate brokerage company, and the real estate rental management company can be significantly reduced with regard to the application for occupancy, it is possible to speed up occupancy screening and improve operational efficiency and shorten the number of vacant days. It can be connected and increase the profit of rental housing owners.

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