Tomokazu Harimoto "I was surprised but I was in the best condition"

The International Table Tennis Federation [ITTF] has announced that it will postpone the World Championships team match scheduled to open in Busan, South Korea on March 22, following the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Consider June 21-28 as a new date. In Korea, the infection was spreading.

On that day, Tomokazu Harimoto [16 = Kinoshita Group] and Misato Ito [19 = Starts], who were bothered by Hungarian Open [OP] singles, returned to Haneda Airport. At the direction of the Japan Association, he responded to the report at a distance of about 3 meters from the press.

Harimoto accepted, "I'm surprised but the physical condition is the best. I'd like to adjust to a fixed schedule." It is expected that the Hong Kong and Chinese OPs will be canceled in May in the future, and the chances of fighting against champion China will decrease until the Olympics start. Still, he thought positively that if we changed a lot [technically] and we succeeded in production, this would be a plus.

Ito said calmly, "I expected the world championships to be difficult even among athletes at this time," he said. The words of both said, "I want the Olympics to do. All the players think so."

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