Tomoko Miyahara 2nd place, “Find a different world” to free

Tomoko Miyahara [21 = Kandai], who has won the past four times, took second place with 70.11 points. With Egyptian-style songs and the crowd's applause, he was convinced that he was able to slide more calmly than the GP series [which were both in the 60s range].

The latter half of the continuous three-turn jump from the first Lutz to the Toe loop and the last three-turn loop were judged to be under-rotation, and “I was convinced that I thought it would reach 70 points”.

This season, he will be guided by Canadian Lee Berkel and Miei Hamada. The former was the main act from September. “Since there was a habit of scorching in the real world, Mr. Lee said“ Be calm. ”The result was a stable performance. To the question of whether it was peeled off, he humbly laughed as “pecking, pecking, finally opening a hole” and greeted with a difference of 3.87 points from the top, “If you can give a different view of the world. I want to avoid it. "

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