Tomoya Nakamura & Haruka Kinoshita Disney Medley / Red and White Song Order

NHK announced the song order of the participating singer on the 27th, "70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle" [starting at 7:15 pm] in Omisoka.

The big bird is Arashi in the white set, and the bird is MISIA in the red set.

As a special project, the first singer to participate in the Beat Takeshi "Kids Asakusa", Mari Takeuchi and "Uta no Uta", and Yumi Matsutoya "No Side" will all be shown in the latter half.

Also, entitled "Disney @ Cinema @ Medley2019", Mizuki Nakamoto is the end song of "Ana and the Snow Queen 2" "Into the Unknown", Diamond Yukai is "Toy Story 4" It has also been announced that the Japanese version theme song "Kimi wa Friend" and "Hall New World" which Tokuya Nakamura and Haruka Kinoshita sang in the live-action version "Aladdin" premium dub version will be performed. Shown in the first half.

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