Tomoya Nakamura "I have to request a gala" movie

Actor Tomoya Nakamura [33] held a live broadcast stage greeting in Tokyo on the 3rd to celebrate the opening of the movie "Wednesday disappeared" [Director Kohei Yoshino, now open]. It was broadcast on 87 screens nationwide.

Nakamura was praised by the co-stars Natsumi Ishibashi [27] and Mai Fukagawa [29], saying, "I'm not so accustomed to the lead role." , So many people aren't used to talking about me."

A character whose personality changes every day of the week. There are many scenes where you can play alone, and there are also scenes where you take a selfie with your mobile phone. "I'm also a photographer. I'm thinking I'll have to request another gala," he laughed.

Nakamura advertised, "In the advertisement, the main character was 7 characters, but it's a little work that has a gentle texture that remains in your hands."

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