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Family martNew product "An butter cream sand" is now on sale! I was attracted by the delicious-looking naming and I was looking forward to it before it was released! We will give you a real meal report immediately♪

The package is too cute! ‥

FamilyWhen I went shopping to find out about the new sweets, I couldn't find those products, so I looked for them a lot! ‥
If you think you finally found it, what a cute package it is…!! I was expecting a Japanese-style appearance because it is an butter. (Lol)

Recently, Famima is developing one-hand type sweets with a characteristic texture as "Desert Monster" series. I'm looking forward to what the texture is! ‥

It's small, but it feels smooth

I expected a size feeling like Dorayaki, but it is quite small size ♪ It should be that, this white part is a white ball dough! ‥
The bean paste is sticking out… Juri. It's an butter so it's definitely delicious. Butter is usually delicious. ‥

It's mochi and red bean paste, so it's so heavy that you'll be surprised even if it's small! ‥

White balls are fluffy! ‥

If you cut it in half, it looks like it's delicious with plenty of mashed bean paste in the corner♪

Let's have a bite! Puck… Horse! White balls are more fluffy and creamy than expected! The anko contains butter so it's quite rich and sweet♪
The most surprising thing is the texture of this white ball. Strange feeling that is fluffy like marshmallow.

Sweetness like a dream! ‥

It's a taste that I haven't even encountered in butter. It tastes more like sweets than sweetness of sweet bean paste, and the taste is likely to be received by everyone! ‥
LawsonWhen I looked at the website, I found that they are using butter cream mixed with condensed milk and cream made with granulated bean jam! I see, this isn't normal bean butter.

Even if you don't like anko, you can eat it because the food you imagine is completely different♪

This product is a combination of Japanese and Western sweets and is very attractive! The size and texture of the "Desert Monster" series are so delicious that I also wanted to try other products.
However, the product name is written in a very small size, so don't miss it like the writer and get it! ‥

Because it is a sandwich of rice cakes, it is a new textured sweet that you can enjoy as a snack after meal ♪

It was an introduction of "An butter cream sand" newly released by FamilyMart! I am surprised at the fluffy texture of the white ball, so please try it! ‥
Store: Family Mart
Menu: An butter cream sandwich
Price: 156 yen (168 yen including tax)
Official site:An butter cream sandwich

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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