Too rare Mika Horii reading, masterpiece even in a sudden role

The other day, I interviewed TBS's announcer Mika Horii [47]. Horii Ana is not only an announcer, but also a producer of “A’LOUNGE” which has been held six times so far by announcers from the same station.

Horii Ana has never participated as a reader, and in an interview, "I started up because I wanted to read it myself, but it's like a Giant to make a stage by myself and go out by myself, “When I noticed, I thought“ I ca n’t read it ”[laughs].”

However, Yuriko Takahata [39], who was scheduled to participate in the reading session held on the 7th, was absent, hurriedly, and replaced because of poor physical condition. It was a wonderful recitation that I didn't think was a real hit.

The reading of Horii Ana, who is a famous voice narrator and has not participated in the reading so far, was a surprise, and the officials said, “This was a rare meeting”.

The reading of Horii Ana will be broadcast on CS TBS channel 2 in January next year, and will be distributed on J: COM “Channel! On Demand” next March.

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