"TOPPO TAZE" review that that toppo became a hot spicy Tom Yankung & BBQ taste


"TOPPO TAZE" review that that toppo became a hot spicy Tom Yankung & BBQ taste

“ Toppo '' with chocolate in a tubular pretzel can be said to be a national chocolate candy, but when walking in a supermarket when visiting Thailand, I found a shocking “ Tom Yankung taste '' “ Spicy BBQ taste '' Toppo . "TOPPO TAZEWhen I looked at the package that said "Is it a toppo's pachimono?", I looked up and found that Lotte was officially sold exclusively in Thailand, so I actually purchased and tried it Was.

Thai Lotte Toppo, a Japanese unreleased flavor is popular! | Shall we Lotte | Lotte of your mouth Lotte

This is the spicy BBQ taste and Tom Yankung taste of “TOPPO TAZE”. I opened up Tom Yankung's box with momentum, but of course they were all unopened items.

Nutritional information of Tom Yankung tasteGoogle Camera TranslatorWhen I looked at it, the calorie per box was 200 kcal, 10 g of sugar, 9 g of fat, 240 mg of sodium.

However, the raw material name could not be read by Google Translate.

There are two small bags in the box.

I also purchased the regular version Toppo and compared it. There is no big difference in the size of boxes and sachets, but the design is slightly different.

I just took it out of the bag. The Tom Yankung flavor was 7 bags per bag, but the regular version has 12 bags per bag.

I compared each one. The top is the Tom Yankung taste, the bottom is the normal version. The length and thickness are almost the same, but the Tom Yankung flavor is somewhat top-to-top trademark.

Looking from the side, Tom Yankung taste was filled with orange cream.

What is Tom Yankung's toppo …? When I tried to eat it, it was so hot that my sweat blew with a bite. After full-fledged stimulation that cannot be called “spicy”, the aroma of seasoning such as herbs such as lemongrass peculiar to Tom Yankung and nampla lime spreads. Because Toppo was a chocolate image, I was worried that it would match Tom Yankung, but this toppo was more like a cheese snack such as pizza potato rather than a chocolate candy, and unexpectedly said, "This Is delicious ”and“ completely knob ”.

If arranged along with the regular version Toppo, it was likely to be a painful × sweet and infinite chain.

Next, open the barbecue flavor.

The calories are 200kcal, sugar 11g, fat 9g and sodium 330mg.

When I opened it, it was broken by the impact of taking it home.

I compared it with Tom Yankung taste (top) and spicy BOQ taste (bottom), but the appearance from the outside is the same.

The biscuit dough was filled with cream that was slightly darker than Tom Yankung. You can also check things like a little pepper.

Spicy BBQ is as spicy as Tom Yankung taste, and sweats slowly when eaten. The flavor of charcoal-grilled meat and the taste of fat are tightly packed, and this chocolate has no presence, but it has an addictive taste that keeps eating. As a snack, of course, it was perfect for alcoholic drinks, and the day it was sold in Japan was a long-awaited perfection.

"TOPPO TAZE" was available for purchase in Thailand for 20 baht (about 70 yen).

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