Toru Yazawa of corona infection reveals "energy" Takao Horiuchi et al.

Shinji Tanimura [71] and Takao Horiuchi [70] of "Alice" appeared on MBS radio "Youngtown Friday" broadcast on the 7th, and revealed that Toru Yazawa [71] infected with the new coronavirus was "messed up". ..

At the beginning, Tanimura said, "Thank you everyone, and many thanks to Kin-chan for all your support messages." Both Tanimura and Horiuchi are talking to Yazawa by phone and e-mail, and Horiuchi "is insanely fine." Tanimura also said, "I'm in a very healthy state and I'm heading for recovery, so I'm going to report Kin-chan properly in this program as well."

Tanimura said that he talked to Yazawa on the phone this day as well. "I'm getting better," I said, "I'm getting better," I said, "Ooioi," and said, "Rice is stuck in my throat." "I said, "Don't panic,"

"Because it's such a situation, I'm worried about it, but Kin-chan may be able to return [return] soon. Please wait a little longer." Horiuchi also called, "I'll be back in a little while. I think it's fast."

Yazawa had a fever symptom on the evening of July 17, and on 20th, he visited a medical institution and was diagnosed as "I may have a cold so let's see how it looks." He continued to receive medical treatment at home, but his symptoms did not recover. A PCR test was performed on the 28th, and a positive result was confirmed on the 30th. Tanimura and Horiuchi also took great care, but both were negative.

In a live broadcast on July 31, Tanimura reported to his listeners, "Currently, the symptoms seem to be mild, but I was hospitalized from today under the guidance of the public health center." "Please hope Yazawa's recovery together," he said.

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