Tosoh,the new corona of simple diagnostic technology development to the growth in the field of business expansion

Tosoh is 2 21, the TRC method for the new corona virus test kit Development announced. TRC detection reagent to inspect the new corona virus easily,about 50 minutes detection make.

【Here】Toray,revenue slowed down in the medium-term management challenges of the initiatives in the struggle

Our technology,knowledge, and various research institutes, institutions of cooperation from the early development of the work.

Tosoh is in 1935, Toyo Soda Co., Ltd as Yamaguchi Prefecture was established. In 1975, Yamagata Prefecture to the ground with steel Xing merger in 1987, Tosoh company name to change.

In 1990 the new Kyowa petrochemical in 2014, Nippon polyurethane industry and the merger.

By 2019 3 months ended sales of 8,615 billion. Business another composition, the Olefin Polymer, polyethylene and other petrochemical is 21. 8%, chemicals, urethane cement, such as the・alkali 39. 2%, organic chemical products, bio-science, high-performance material features such as product 22. 9%, the various plant construction, civil engineering and construction,water treatment equipment, such as engineering 11. 5%, others have 5. 1%, accounting for East of movement like this.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects
Previous fiscal year sales of 8,615 billion yen [year-on-year 4. 7%increase], operating income than the same period last year of 24.8 billion yen, a decrease of 1057 billion yen [a 19. 1 percent] were.

Operating income decreased as a factor, with naphtha as raw material and fuel due to the rise in price of petrochemicals is 91 billion yen, and urethane products in the overseas market deterioration, such as the・alkali is 206 billion yen. On the other hand, automotive exhaust gas catalyst such as a strong performance by products for 14 billion yen in semiconductor-related large-scale project orders and electronic, General industrial solutions services sales and engineering of 34 billion yen was.

Now for the 3rd quarter cumulative [4-12 months] net sales operating income ordinary income net income 5,918 billion [up ¥ 8. 4% decrease], and operating income of ¥ 658 million yen [the same 17. 3% decrease] during the economic slowdown in China due to product demand declines, such as the current fiscal year sales of 8,000 bln [7. 1% decrease], operating income of 840 billion yen [the same 20. 6% decrease] expects.

■Mid-term management plan[year 2020 3 month period ~ 2022 Years 3 months]domestic promotion strategy
The existing commodities business new specialty business good balance to strengthen both axes management, the 2022 Years 3 months sales of 8,900 billion yen [for Year 3. 3% increase], operating income of 110.0 billion yen [the same 4. 1%] in AIM, the following strategies to promote.

1. The existing Foundation material mainly in the commodities business of the Foundation to strengthen competitiveness and improve profitability.

2. New・growth areas in the business development and expansion.

3. Business another promotion.
・Petrochemical sales 1750 billion, operating income of ¥ 150 billion [in 2022 3-month period,hereinafter the same]: crackers competitiveness,functional polymer of differentiation, increase sales.

・Kroll・alkali sales 3,190 billion yen, operating income of 410 billion yen: function product sales and reduction of fixed costs.

・Functional products net sales 2,390 billion yen, operating profit of 430 billion yen: core products to the business as differentiation, increase sales.

・Engineering others net sales 1,570 billion yen, operating income of 110 billion yen: water treatment in large-scale projects and solutions to service expansion.

4. General Logistics warehouse new ethylene carriers of the updates to the logistics infrastructure, strengthening of efficiency.

5. Open innovation external technology research and development, and focus areas of new product development acceleration.
・Life Sciences: biotechnology, pharmaceutical,measurement, and diagnostic business of new product development.

・Environment and energy: mobility for composite materials, battery materials, such as unique products, the development of technology.

・Electronic materials: communication materials, semiconductor materials, display materials such as a new electronic material, the creation of.

Chemical innovation through to contribute to society under the philosophy,the corona virus of simple diagnostic techniques such as developing business expansion to the East source of the movement want to watch. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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