Total transplant of M-type turbo to MS105 Crown, the first to fifth generation that appeared in 1955 Toyota MS105 Crown Turbo 1

The catch phrase “someday crown” born in the 1980s is famous, but the image of “luxury car = crown” has been inherited from the first generation born in 1955.

From the third generation S50 series that appeared in 1968 to the crown, which is Toyota's finest model, a 2-door hardtop that emphasizes sportiness has been added, and the lineup is up to the sixth generation S110 series released until 1983. It had been.

MS105 introduced this time is the fifth generation crown that debuted in 1974.
The catch phrase “Beautiful Japanese Crown” has a distinctive styling that makes straight lines precious.

The grille with the round mark is that the vertical fins are painted the same color as the body, and the “TURBO” emblem is added to the passenger side. In addition, the headlights are equipped with HID bulbs to increase brightness.

Reproduce the 15-inch focus ESPRT and paint the sides of the spokes blue. Center is diverted and the valve cap is crowned.

The “TURBO” [front] emblem for MS110 is added on the right side of the genuine “EFI” of MS105.

Large opera window features a two-door hardtop. The plating mall was changed to a horizontal line until the mid-term, but changed to a vertical line in the latter half.

Posted: Nostalgic Hero April 2011 issue vol.144 [All information in the article is current at the time of publication]
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