Toyoda Gosei,the PCR inspection of the vehicle to the Tokyo Medical Association offered to move the partition wall is also provided

The Toyota Group, Toyoda Gosei,a new type of coronavirus PCR test specimen required to perform the renovation of the vehicle, the Tokyo Medical Association to provide. The new corona virus infection treatment in the medical field, to assist Toyota Auto Body and Toyota Group companies jointly do,”Coco Bar Code projects called”activities as part of the PCR inspection of the vehicle donated too.

【Here】Toyota transport vehicles to medical institutions to provide

This vehicle is,”the 46th Annual Tokyo Motor Show in 2019″was exhibited at the electric telescopic next generation rubber”e-Rubber”the development of the network from those born so. A voltage is applied to the dielectric rubber that can stretch and contract”e-Rubber”is the AI robot’s facial expression to produce research such as used in,applications in the medical field is also expected.

The medical field and currently,the new corona virus infection expansion blocking is a must that the PCR test sample collection can vehicle made.

This vehicle is out of the hospital, where medical personnel to prevent infection from the sample collection do can. Inspection need to go to the region for promising projects only. The body lift is the same Toyota Group Toyota customizing&Global was responsible.

This from Japan’s economic activity to resume, as well as the new coronavirus infected at an early stage”quarantine”, the infection risk can be reduced. Therefore, many PCR tests must be conducted, the inspection location of the establishment is struggling in Japan, including the countries of the coin. In Tokyo, the first mild cases those detention facilities and the hotel adjacent seems.

This vehicle is further renovated with the addition of many more, the UK state-of-the-art of PCR testing equipment placed in the container was equipped with seems to have. These facilities and heck, if placed,will Region 1 on the day thousands of sample collection and inspection facilities can move to.

Toyota・the power of the group brings together early and to give them a diagnosis and those who test positive for isolated advances, medical, and economic activity revived early for that.

The Japanese people penalties, such as not voluntary”lock-down”corresponding to the results of the so, the next step is health care and the economy to achieve both aims is the perfect vehicle would be. PCR testing to Refine for the current situation down, and Japan’s ability to show the world a new one. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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